Dr. Todd cold lasers a fellow healthcare provider at a recent seminar.

Introducing the SideKick LASER!


Side Kick Cold Laser

Welcome to the home of the SideKick LASER which is the most affordable high-quality Super-Pulsed Cold LASER device on the market.

It boasts of an impressive depth of penetration of 5 cm.  [For those of you you have not yet adopted the metric system, that’s 2 inches!]

The SideKickLASER currently sells for $1,330 total as of 4-8-2014 to the U.S.  This price includes any shipping, insurance, any state sales tax and President Obama’s new  Medical Device Tax .  [We only sell them in the U.S & Canada (ie, we don’t desire to ship them overseas)].  Grand total is $1,379 to Canada, BTW.

Call (217) 965-3100 for details.  Ask for Dr. Todd.  Or email draustin@royell.net .

Dr Austin & Dr Reid discuss the affordable, deep penetrating, super pulsed SideKick LASER cold laser therapy device.

Dr. Todd Austin SideKickLASER.com interview with Dr. Bryan Reid for ColdLaser.TV .




3 thoughts on “Introducing the SideKick LASER!

    1. Hi Dr. Joe,

      I just received your question.

      We no longer carry the SideKick, as we are no longer into Cold Laser sales after being shafted by some LLLT manufacturers. #OnceBittenTwiceShy
      Through my http://ColdLaserConsulting.com business however, I’d be happy to figure out your LLLT needs and direct you to the appropriate vendor who has the right Cold Laser Therapy device for your particular personal and / or practice needs. (217) 965-3100 or draustin@royell.net .

      Yours in LIGHTing up healthcare,


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