If you’d like to order a quantity of 2nd Gen SideKick Cold Lasers, we’ll give you a deal!

Six short days ago I blogged about the new improved 2nd Generation SideKick Laser being available. Thus far the response has been nothing short of overwhelming! We have already had a cold laser enthusiast from Texas who ordered two of them as well as one from Florida who inquired about getting three of them.

2nd Gen SideKick LASER for shoulder pain

Using the 2nd Gen SideKick to cold laser my deltoid muscle.

I’d be happy to pass on the savings to you for ordering 2 or more of these amazing healing LIGHT therapy devices. Some practitioners might desire to use the extras as loaner units or rental units for their patients. There are at least 2 big LLLT companies out there who try to prod doctors into paying between $2,400 and $4,000 for rental units to send home with patients. That’s a bit nuts in my opinion! Last I checked all Doctors aren’t loaded. Apparently some of the big players in the laser industry think we all are though.

If you’re just a non-practitioner consumer, you too may desire extras to give out to friends or loved ones.

I’ve also got inquiries from a few new graduate D.C.s about the 2nd Gen this week asking about financing. We do offer a layaway plan where you can pay either $50 or $100 per month. Once you’re account is paid in full, you’re laser unit will arrive within a week. Do keep in mind that the introductory pricing on this unit is a great deal and I’m not sure if and when the price will increase although I’d be surprised if it didn’t increase later in 2016. If and when it goes up, I’d let you know. I just talked to a good friend in the industry who fully expects to sell 50 of these per month. At some point, I suspect the manufacturer will indeed want a bigger piece of the pie. I’m not a manufacturer, just a distributor.

I’d be happy to answer any additional questions about this amazing cold laser unit. My clinic phone # is (217) 965-3100 and my email is draustin@royell.net .

Yours in LIGHTing up healthcare,
Todd W. Austin, D.C. aka Dr. LIGHT

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