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The 2nd Generation SideKick LASER is now available. And it’s better than ever!

SideKick LASER for shoulder pain

Using the SideKick to cold laser my deltoid muscle.

The SideKick Lasers (1st generation) weren’t available for a while. Now they have been reworked and re-issued. The new improved 2nd Generation SideKick Laser delivers just over TWICE as many healing LIGHT photons in the same amount of time! And the new 2nd Generation Sidekick’s price is even considerably lower than the 1st Generation ever was. Dang! It’s even more affordable than the old PainBeGone Laser was. I have no clue why it’s so inexpensive. That’s on the manufacturer. I just pass on any savings to my consulting clients and customers. I’d be very surprised (due to supply and demand) if the introductory price didn’t go up, possibly quite a bit even, later in 2016.

The price now includes my consulting package to walk you through any protocols for any conditions that you encounter for a full 90 days from the day your 2nd Generation SideKicK LASER arrives.

Cost for laypersons is: $549 (2nd Generation SideKick LASER + 90 days of protocols, consulting & training videos)
Cost for healthcare practitioners is: $749 (2nd Gen SideKick LASER + 90 days of protocols, consulting & training videos, marketing tips as well as being added to my Cold Laser Consulting Closed Facebook Group were practitioners discuss and compare Cold Laser Therapy successes and testimonials with one another)

I tweaked my deltoid just prior to my shoulder & arms free weight workout today, thus I used my old 1st Generation SideKick in between sets to help speed up the healing process and to quickly increase ATP production (see the Krebs Cycle if you’re not familiar with this term). The 2nd Gen would have done the job twice as quickly but I didn’t have that one with me at the time.

Cold laser for shoulder pain.

Dr. Todd using the SideKickLASER to cold laser his deltoid muscle (shoulder).

Yours in LIGHTing up healthcare,

Todd W. Austin, D.C.
Virden, IL USA

The SideKick LASER replaces the PainBeGone LASER

Hello ladies & gents,

Here at Austin Family Chiropractic & Cold Laser Consulting, we have quit selling the PainBeGoneLASER and have replaced it with the much more versatile SideKickLASER.

Here is my official SideKickLASER introductory video where I am interviewed by happy SideKick owner / Chiropractic Physician / Cold Laser Therapist Dr. Bryan Reid from #HealthRescue in Maryville, IL.  It is Episode # 24 of my popular http://ColdLaser.TV Tumblr video blog called “SideKick LASER Interview”:

SideKick LASER Interview



The SideKick LASER is a great model for health care providers (Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Reiki practitioners, etc.) who are looking to get their feet wet in Cold Laser Therapy, but without breaking the bank.

Dr. Todd cold lasers a fellow healthcare provider at a recent seminar.

Dr. Todd lasers a fellow healthcare provider at a recent seminar with the portable, versatile and affordable super-pulsed SideKick LASER device.

The SideKick also ROCKS for individuals who can’t find a good cold laser therapist in their area, can’t find a cold laser therapist in their area with the right laser device(s) to get the job done, can’t find an affordable LLLT specialist or simply just want to own their own cold laser unit so that they may treat their whole family (both 2-legged and 4-legged family members).

If you buy from me, I will also walk you through the first protocol to treat your own health condition (assuming that the SideKickLASER would be a good fit for your particular condition) which is included in the sales price.  If it’s not the right cold laser device for you, I’ll definitely let you know that too.

For advice on 2nd and subsequent conditions for yourself, your family members or patients, I offer a very affordable consulting service for both healthcare providers and to the general public as follows:

$249 for the first 90 days, then $240/year after that.  [These prices will be increasing on May 1, 2014.]

I just received the following testimonial a few days ago:

“Dr. Todd,your protocols for the SideKickLASER have been working great. I’m seeing major improvement with cases of Plantar Fasciitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among others.” – Dr. Mike from Pennsylvania, chiropractor for 30 years, new to LLLT as of December 2013.

Once again, the Side Kick LASER at http://SideKickLASER.com replaces the Pain Be Gone LASER at http://PainBeGoneLASER.com .